Fashion for the Bear about town

Occasionally, even I have to leave the carnivorous forest to interface with the human world.  In those cases, I find it better to draw as little attention to myself as possible.  This is best served by blending in with the natives as much as possible. However, I am a bear that is severely lacking in fashion sense. I guess bears dressed in leather motorcycle jackets and “I Failed the Turing TestThinkGeek Tshirts attract attention…and not the positive kind.

Thank goodness for Allie Brosh’s (of Hyperbole and a Half) “Grizzly Bear’s Guide to Flattering Fashion“. The days have gotten cold, so I went right out and bought a pale sage scarf and grey winter trenchcoat because “Pale sage is a great color because it is complemented by the rich cranberry of salmon blood.  Similarly, beiges and grays can mesh well with the dark umber of bear excrement, so if you feel like rolling in the fecal matter of your friends and family members, you don’t have to worry about ruining your outfit!”

Are you also a bear lacking in fashion sense? Then read this guide.

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