Bears Visit the Electric Forest: Day 2

Day 2 starts with the fish spoiling in the heat and having to dispose of it. Searching for the mythical showers and finding a lot of other things including hammocks with people – bear burritos. Make a squealing sound when picked and chewed on. Not as good as expected. Gritty, dusty and oily. About an hour after eating, things became quite psychedelic.
Einstein Project.
Bear friends give proper directions. Still across an arid plain but only 3 hours which we will traverse quickly so rain retribution down on the RACOOOOOONS!)

Chocolate alien

What if we encountered aliens and they smelled GREAT?
Maybe they smelled like peanut butter and banana or maybe they smelled like cinnamon toast.

If aliens smelled so great to us, you


someone, somewhere, sometime would find a way to lick an alien or maybe even BITE.
And, then, what if the aliens tasted as good as they smelled? Maintaining diplomatic relations with a sentient race that smelled and tasted delicious to us would be really unusual and probably quite…Challenging.
It is that kind of thing that would make us realize what kind of predators we really are.