It’s a Painful Kind of Love

Bear bitching at cubGROWL!!

eBear is in a foul mood today!  Stay out of her way. Seriously, she is in no mood for anybody’s bullshit.

This also means that her expressions of affection will be more……aggressive than normal.


Normal eBear affection looks like this:

bear hug

Grumpy eBear affection looks like this:Bear Fight






Lunch with a grumpy eBear looks like this: grumpy ebear feeding






Meetings with a grumpy eBear look like this:bear squabble






Sadly, this is how a grumpy eBear says goodbye to her mate before leaving for a long, hard day fighting for survival in the carnivorous forest:






I apologize iBear and will make it up to you with fish and snuggles when I get home

Raccoon Origin Story

In the beginning, there was chaos. Primal matter – ephemeral, violent, unpredictable.

Over time, chaos coalesced, forming stable patterns. There was night and there was day. Then came earth, fire, water and wind. This raw matter gathered into more complex patterns – into life. The skies buzzed with life, the oceans flowed with life, the land teamed with life. And the carnivorous forest? The carnivorous forest groaned and growled and hissed and howled with life! Continue reading