iBear got up early to work this morning only to find that he could barely move after yesterday’s activities in the woods. He was stiff and in lots of pain, making him very grumpy and touchy to be around. Then he got growled at by eBear.


iBear wasn’t sure why he was growled at for something he didn’t do, but assumed eBear was just stressed out, which was confirmed in her post before this one.


Being depressed and in pain was not how iBear wanted to start the day. He decided to keep quiet and let eBear scratch and claw and stomp around until she left. Sometimes it’s better to not growl back.


iBear knows when something’s bothering eBear. After 23 years together in the forest, some things are obvious and provoking the eBear is not worth the trouble. iBear is not a very social bear and hates all the other animals in the forest, so it really bothers him when his eBear is angry with him.


iBear can’t live without eBear and just has to wait for eBear to calm down and come home. No matter how angry eBear gets with iBear, iBear knows eBear doesn’t mean to show her teeth and claws at home and will anxiously wait for her to come back. By the time she returns, iBear will have forgotten about being growled at anyway.

Raccoon Origin Story

In the beginning, there was chaos. Primal matter – ephemeral, violent, unpredictable.

Over time, chaos coalesced, forming stable patterns. There was night and there was day. Then came earth, fire, water and wind. This raw matter gathered into more complex patterns – into life. The skies buzzed with life, the oceans flowed with life, the land teamed with life. And the carnivorous forest? The carnivorous forest groaned and growled and hissed and howled with life! Continue reading