Bears visit the Electric Forest: Day 1

Bears live in the carnivorous forest for a reason. It is dark. It is cool. Bubbling streams of water are plentiful, as is the hunting. Sometimes, though, a Bear’s curiosity needs sating as much as its hunger does. Consequently, when the local raccoons spoke of rumors of strange, unnatural happenings (music! freaks! phantasmagoria!) in the Electric Forest to the west, we had to see it for ourselves.

One of the raccoons had a cousin thrice removed who had traveled to the Electric Forest and provided us with directions (Danger! Danger!). He said it was a pleasant 3 hour tour of the lands between the forests. Why we believed him, I’ll never know. Like everything that comes out of a raccoon’s mouth, it smelled fishy. The problem was that it rang true enough that we didn’t see through the trickery that should have been as clear as the nose on our muzzle. It’s never just a three hour tour. Instead, it was six grueling hours traveling across an asphalt jungle with a tropical sun beating down on two dark, painfully furry coats.

Bear Highway

Finally, we crawled to the edges of the electric forest and were provided shelter by a band of bear-friendly misfits. Even though it was the closest camp possible to the trees, it was not close enough to be sheltered by the trees. Rumors of showers and running water appeared to be unsubstantiated.

Bear friendly campsite

See the foot? They were tempting us

Encouraged by the proximity of the forest, we created a bear cave from our meager supplies (having prepared more for a forest than an arid plain), went exploring and immediately saw wonders and weirdness.


Stilt Walkers

There were stilt walkers stalking the boundaries of the forest.



There were posers framing the entrances of the forest.

Even stranger inhabitants.
Also found Reggie and stayed to listen to the music (because bears have a sense of humor).
Then we saw…a fish! A gigantic fish! A fish with a cigar and that means smoked fish!
It was no match for two hungry bears and we quickly took it down and dragged it back to the camp relieved that we now had food enough to last us for days.

Glow Tent

Strange dens

Fashion for the Bear about town

Occasionally, even I have to leave the carnivorous forest to interface with the human world.  In those cases, I find it better to draw as little attention to myself as possible.  This is best served by blending in with the natives as much as possible. However, I am a bear that is severely lacking in fashion sense. I guess bears dressed in leather motorcycle jackets and “I Failed the Turing TestThinkGeek Tshirts attract attention…and not the positive kind. Continue reading

It’s a Painful Kind of Love

Bear bitching at cubGROWL!!

eBear is in a foul mood today!  Stay out of her way. Seriously, she is in no mood for anybody’s bullshit.

This also means that her expressions of affection will be more……aggressive than normal.


Normal eBear affection looks like this:

bear hug

Grumpy eBear affection looks like this:Bear Fight






Lunch with a grumpy eBear looks like this: grumpy ebear feeding






Meetings with a grumpy eBear look like this:bear squabble






Sadly, this is how a grumpy eBear says goodbye to her mate before leaving for a long, hard day fighting for survival in the carnivorous forest:






I apologize iBear and will make it up to you with fish and snuggles when I get home