Consider it a gift

Pigeon HeadOne day, a stupid pigeon left its home in the concrete jungle to visit the carnivorous forest.
It found a little clearing in the woods and set about pecking and scratching for food in the sand and pebbles of the clearing. Pecking and scratching like it was foraging for food in the concrete jungle.




Pecking and scratching like Direwolf wasn’t napping a few feet away.

However, Direwolf WAS napping a few feet away from the flying rat. Direwolf taught the little fucker a lesson and bit its head off before it even THOUGHT about going airborne.

Pigeon bodies make a good enough appetizer.  Heads? Not so much. So Direwolf decided to deliver the pigeon head back to the humans in the concrete jungle.  Direwolf left the head at the edge of a hotel parking lot for all the losers to stumble across and ponder on their way to/from their wedding receptions, conferences and stupid dress-up conventions.

Consider it a gift from the Direwolf and a reminder that the Carnivorous Forest is in your back yard.